What is Laser Therapy?

Dec 11, 2017

What is Laser Therapy?

What is Laser Therapy for Pet Animals in Madisonville?

Any veterinarian in Madisonville LA will tell you that reducing pain and inflammation in your pet will do it a world of good. For excellent results, we recommend the use of laser therapy. So, if you’ve been searching for laser therapy for animals in Madisonville, you’ve come to the right place.
At Tchefuncte Animal Hospital, your preferred animal hospital in Madisonville, we take pride in our state-of-the-art facility that lets us take advantage of all the latest in medical technology to treat sick and injured pets. 

About Laser Therapy for Animals from Your Vet in Madisonville

If you’re new to using laser therapy for animals, an introduction to the process from your vet in Madisonville is in order.
Laser therapy is known for being an FDA-approved, painless method of treatment that provides fast results. The vet simply applies a laser handpiece against the area that needs pain relief. Warm laser light penetrates the tissues and actually stimulates the body’s natural healing process. 
Light energy causes photo-bio-modulation, a chemical change that boosts generation of ATP in cells, which fuels the repair process. It’s suitable for improving wound healing as well as rehabilitation from injuries or the aches and pains that come with advanced age. Sometimes treatment requires just one session, while other chronic conditions may need multiple sessions to provide full healing. 

The vet will create a customized plan for your pet after conducting a thorough examination. You’ll be glad to learn that as a leading veterinarian in Madisonville LA, we have a reputation for the warm and caring environment that we provide for each pet that comes into our hospital. 
Set an Appointment for Laser Therapy for Pets at Your Animal Hospital in Madisonville Today!
While your pet may be in discomfort now, relief is readily available in our facility, where you can count on the animal feeling better after undergoing laser therapy treatment. Our team is standing by to help with this modern method of healing.

For details about laser therapy for pets or to arrange for service at your preferred animal hospital in Madisonville, please connect with the team at Tchefuncte Animal Hospital today

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Our veterinarians Drs. David Moores, Laura Ferrara, Katie McConnell, and Mark Mikelonis are now accepting new patients. Bring your dogs, cats, reptiles, pocket pets, and rabbits to Tchefuncte Animal Hospital for veterinary care in Madisonville. 

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