The Benefits of Holiday Pet Boarding

Dec 11, 2017

The Benefits of Holiday Pet Boarding

Holiday Pet Boarding at Tchefuncte Animal Hospital in Madisonville, LA

Boarding your pet at with our veterinarian at Tchefuncte Animal Hospital in Madisonville, LA can help keep your pet safe and relaxed during the hectic holiday season. You can even schedule professional grooming in Madisonville so that your pet is clean and beautiful when you arrive after your holiday vacation.

Benefits of Holiday Pet Boarding in Madisonville

The holidays can be a stressful time for pets whether you stay home and entertain or leave for a few days. Holiday pet boarding in Madisonville can help keep your pet relaxed, stress-free and entertained while you enjoy the holiday festivities.
  • Access to emergency medical care
  • No risk of your pet feeling lonely
  • Your pet is exercised and socialized daily
  • Your pet is safe even if your return is delayed
  • Your pet won’t be overwhelmed by all the visitors and holiday festivities

Pet Boarding with our Veterinarian in Madisonville LA

Our veterinarian in Madisonville LA offers comfortable accommodations for dogs and cats while you are away visiting family members and friends for the holidays. Dogs can enjoy extremely spacious dog runs and our custom indoor and outdoor doggy play areas. Each dog is given the opportunity to run and play four times every day, and you have the option to bring your pet’s favorite food and toys. If your dog needs a bath or a haircut, you can schedule pet grooming in Madisonville during your pet’s stay.

We also offer special accommodations for cats, who prefer solitary quiet environments. Our animal hospital is equipped with private cat condos, and you can choose to board your cat in a single condo or a double condo if your furry feline family member prefers more room. If your kitty needs a haircut, claw trim or bath, we offer pet grooming in Madisonville for all sizes and breeds of cats.

Bring Your Pet In to our Vet Clinic to Stay with Our Madisonville Veterinarians 

To schedule your pet’s holiday stay with our vet in Madisonville, call us at 985-845-7484.
Why do you board your pet with our vet in Madisonville?

Appointments & Reservations

Our veterinarians Drs. David Moores, Laura Ferrara, Katie McConnell, and Mark Mikelonis are now accepting new patients. Bring your dogs, cats, reptiles, pocket pets, and rabbits to Tchefuncte Animal Hospital for veterinary care in Madisonville. 

Contact our office at 985-845-7484 today to schedule an appointment or for more information.

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