Importance of Pet Dental Health

Mar 6, 2018

Importance of Pet Dental Health
Pet owners can keep their dogs’ and cats’ dental health in tip-top shape by following a strict at-home and professional care routine. Pet owners don’t need it to be National Dental Health Month to start by doing so. Our trusted vets at Tchefuncte Animal Hospital, LLC is prepared to assess the health of their patients and create a proactive dental care routine for the coming days and years. Our experienced vets make the dental health of pets their top priority year-round, so contact us today if you have recently noticed poor dental health in your pets.

Professional Veterinary Dental Care in Madisonville, LA

With four out of five pets developing periodontal disease by age three, Dr. David Moores, DVM, strongly encourages pet owners to establish a healthy dental care routine for their furry friends to celebrate this month. As explained by Dr. Moores, “Pet owners can keep their pets’ teeth, gums and other oral tissues in excellent condition with a combination of at-home care routines and professional care from our skilled vets.”

Daily brushing sessions and access to dental-health chews help remove plaque before it has a chance to harden. At regular dental care appointments for dogs and cats, skilled vets remove hardened deposits on the teeth and inspect the structures to assess the need for additional care. This excellent approach to pet dental care minimizes tooth decay and helps keep periodontal disease at bay.

Vets determine the level of care needed

The vets at Tchefuncte Animal Hospital, LLC, assess the condition of each patient’s teeth and gums to determine the level of care needed throughout the year. Most pets only need to visit the clinic for dental care annually, while high-risk patients may need to come in more often. The regular visits allow pets to retain their ability to eat normally and live without pain from untreated dental problems, such as cavities and cracked teeth.

Prompt and Thorough Care

While visiting this clinic, all pets will always receive prompt and thorough care for illnesses, injuries and other medical and dental conditions of all kinds. All vets perform a comprehensive examination of every visit and use high-tech imagery tools, as needed, to assess the medical and dental health of their patients.

Pet owners in the Mandeville, St. Tammany Parish and Covington, LA area are welcome to contact Tchefuncte Animal Hospital, LLC, for professional dental care for their beloved furry friends.

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Our veterinarians Drs. David Moores, Laura Ferrara, Katie McConnell, and Mark Mikelonis are now accepting new patients. Bring your dogs, cats, reptiles, pocket pets, and rabbits to Tchefuncte Animal Hospital for veterinary care in Madisonville. 

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