A Safer Halloween for Your Pet: 4 Tips from Our Animal Hospital

Oct 17, 2017

A Safer Halloween for Your Pet: 4 Tips from Our Animal Hospital

A Safer Halloween for Your Pet: Tips from Our Animal Hospital in Madisonville LA

Halloween may have its scary moments, but it's primarily meant to be fun. Unfortunately, some of the most popular trappings of the season can also pose a genuine threat to pets. Here are some tips on Halloween pet safety from our animal hospital in Madisonville LA.

4 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

  • Reserve the candy for the humans - Chocolate may be devilishly delightful for your human Halloween guests, but it's just plain devilish to pets. This treat may send your pet to our animal hospital in Madisonville with vomiting, diarrhea, rapid heart rate or even seizures. Other candies can also pose risks if they are made with the non-sugar sweetener Xylitol
  • Keep your black cat out of harm's way - You may be tempted to show off your black cat in the spirit of the season, but your vet in Madisonville would urge you not to. Black cats are often subjected to violence, cruelty, and even fatal injury at Halloween. Leave your cat at home to celebrate the holiday safely in his own way.
  • Practice costume kindness - You may see lots of cute, imaginative Halloween costumes on pets at this time of year. But before you decide to display your creativity on your own best friend, stop and consider whether he likes to wear clothing at all. If your pet acts nervous or upset when you put a costume on him, take the costume off and let him be himself this Halloween.
  • Decorate with care - Halloween is a time for decking your home out in elaborately spooky interior and exterior decorations -- but you don't want to create a genuine scare
that requires the emergency services of your vet in Madisonville. Keep flammable displays (such as candelabras and jack-o'-lanterns) and electrical wiring well out of the reach of curious paws or teeth.

Ask Your Veterinarian in Madisonville LA for More Pet Services

If you're still concerned about safety-proofing your pet's Halloween, contact us at 985-845-7484. Your veterinarian in Madisonville LA will be happy to answer your questions!

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